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../nonews.png500$ in premio. Scadenza 28 febbraio

Il sito ha pubblicato un contest veramente ghiotto !:) Ben 500$ di premio via PAYPAL.
Riporto direttamente dal sito le regole per la partecipazione .

Terms and Conditions

We want to introduce more people to the benefits of vacation rentals -- especially for family and group travel. We hope by exploring the travelers will discover the countless vacation rental options and the space, privacy and value afforded by these types of accommodations.

So, What to do?

1. Review by writing a post at your blog/website and don't forget to mention that this is an entry for the $500 Giveaway at

2. Review can be about design, its content or anything interested that you see.

3. Link from that post.  Also link to the original contest announcement post on our blog.

4. Submit your information in the below form.

5. If you own more than one blog, but wish to post on each of your blogs - each post on different blog counts for 1 entry.

The Contest Rules

1. Review should be min 200 words.

2. No Google PR restrictions, site can be of any PR even 0.

3. Adult, gambling, porn, warez sites are not allowed.

4. Contest ends at February 28, 2009.

5. As alternative, if you still don't have a blog, you can create one for free here (

6. The winner must have a Paypal Account so that we can transfer the money.

7. The winner will be chosen randomly. Each entry will have a number and a third party (independent person) will select that number (not knowing who the contestant is).

8. The blog post or posts must be made between January 02th, 2009 and February 28th, 2009.

The Prize

The winner will be awarded a cash prize of $500 through PayPal. The prize will be transferred to the contest winner on March 15th, 2009.

Join now!

Start writing about and email us immediately.

Best of luck!

Il sito, che ovviamente tratta il tema dei viaggi, si presenta cosi':

ist your Vacation Rental Property
Vacation Rental Listings - An online advertisement for your rental property is the ideal solution if you want to stay in full control over your bookings. A user-friendly web interface gives you the opportunity to make changes to your listing at any time. You will receive all inquiries and it's up to you to turn them into confirmed bookings. List your Vacation Rentals!

Pubblicato Sabato 21 Febbraio 2009 - 12:24 (letto 4469 volte)
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